Cladding Cleaning

Cladding & Facade Cleaning in Birmingham

First impressions count, but what are your customers first impressions when they visit your premises? Traffic pollution can make cladding & fa├žades look dirty but, because the build-up is gradual, those who work there every day often don’t notice it. We offer a full external cleaning service on both “one off” and regular scheduled contracts. Ask about our building wash service TODAY!

What method do we use to clean building cladding?

We use a ladderless cladding cleaner which uses a pole system to put pure hot water onto your cladding. The water passes through 6 filters to produce pure water which does not leave any marks of dirt residue, leaving the cladding clean and fresh. The system can reach a height of 60 feet, allowing us to clean large factories and retail units.

Do we need our customers to supply the water on site?

Water supplied by the customer is not required as the company van contains the required water in the latest state of the art hot boiler. This means our customer’s don’t need to waste their own water which could result in a large water bill.

Why does cladding need to be cleaned?

Elements such as weather and general dirt and grime that builds up can effect the appearance of your premises, giving your customers the wrong impression. Using our ladderless cladding cleaner we can dramatically restore your building facades to their original appearance.

As well as making the cladding look aesthetically pleasing, it is important to have clean cladding as the aluminium or steel can be damaged from corrosion, weakening the cladding. This could mean the cladding will need to be replaced earlier than expected at an extra cost to yourself. A & S Window Cleaning Services Ltd can save you considerable money in large repairs by regularly cleaning your cladding at a very competitive rate.