Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning in Birmingham

Why do Solar Panels need regular cleaning?

Dirt in the atmosphere clings to your solar panels, adding a layer of grime which reduces the performance of the panels as they are unable to receive the maximum of sunlight. This makes your solar panels less efficient (they can lose up to 25% of their efficiency), which has an effect on their performance and the amount of profit they return to you over the year. Annual cleaning of the solar panels can be very cost effective.

How are solar panels cleaned?

We use the same technique for all of our cleaning services, a ladderless pole system. Our cleaner can reach up to 70 feet (ideal as solar panels are generally located in high areas). The pure water used to clean your solar panels is filtered so all fluoride, calcium, chlorine and minerals have been dispersed. This allows for more efficient cleaning as the water will leave behind no residue on the panels. The warm water also removes any green algae which grows naturally, resulting in your solar panels returning to their original performance.

As we use only 100% pure de-ionised water, no environmentally unfriendly chemicals are used on your solar panels. This means that you do not need to consider the EU legislation over chemicals being released into the environment from cleaning.

The ladderless solar panel cleaning system allows us to meet the 2005 Working at Height legislation. This legislation means that you, as the owner or occupier of a building, are responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at your premises conforms to Health and Safety legislation. As we use a water fed pole system, this eliminates the need for ladders or for any member of our team to work above ground level.